You’re More Powerful Than You Think

February 1, 2014



After 6 glorious weeks off, I went back to work this week. I love my teaching gig where holidays are around every corner. But, goodness, I was immediately jolted back to work-mode once I stepped foot back on campus!

Before I even had the chance to chat with my co-workers about how awesome my {Aussie} summer break was, this dark cloud of worry formed over me. I started stressing about my ‘endless’ to-do list and how I was going to get all my prep and planning done perfectly.

As I was sitting in our first staff meeting of the year, my stomach was churning and my heart was racing. I was completely overwhelmed. 

As I looked around the room, it struck me. Most everyone looked relaxed and seemed perfectly content, even excited, to be back at work. Some were even smiling!

In that instant, I realized I was making myself completely overwhelmed.

You see, I had chosen to entertain my worrisome thoughts. I had allowed this (initially small) worry to manifest into something way too powerful. For a brief moment, I forgot my truth.

The truth that I am not alone. 

I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go.  ~Genesis 28:15

God is watching over me every single moment. He is guiding me every step of my journey.

God has already gone before me, planning out my day as part of his perfect plan. He is my STRENGTH and SHIELD. He holds my hand moment by moment as I walk through each day.

I am only wasting my energy when I worry. God did not give me a spirit of timidity but of power. I hold the power to choose worry or trust. Do I give into this petty worry? Or do I trust in my truth?

You hold the power to choose. 

Are you going to waste one more ounce of energy choosing to worry?

Will you reclaim your truth and let trust lead your day?

Today was a much brighter day for me. I attribute it to one basic fact: I chose trust. Simple as that.

Go trustingly into today.

Lots of love,





The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. ~Psalm 28:7

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6 thoughts on “You’re More Powerful Than You Think


    Oh how I needed to have this posting today. I can completely understand the overwheleming thoughts. For several hours this afternoon, they having a good time with my emotions. After a great deal if soul searching, prayer, breathing & knowing God is with me every step of the way. He is in Control. His Word is to be in my thoughts & actions, not those overwheleming thoughts.


    First day back is always hard. Your students are very lucky to have you as their teacher and im sure u’ll help them settle in when they come back feeling nervous and excited. Wishing you all the best for a wonderful, smooth running year x

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      Yes, you’re right, Andrea. First day is chaotic! I have such fond memories of working with you and Wendy. I pray your year is fantastic. Tell everyone “hi” for me! 🙂


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