July 23, 2014


Today I have a very fun, behind the scenes post for you!

The writing baton has been passed on to me by my gorgeous friend, Jenny, from Jenny Orenstein: Life In Full Flight. 

Jenny and I recently met through the blogosphere and immediately formed a connection. She is a woman of great courage and grace who writes with passion, authenticity and a real heart for her readers. Every post she writes sends shivers down my spine and cuts to my core because this girl is REAL!

It is my pleasure to take hold of this bloggin’ baton and give you a little insight into why I write.


Why do I write?

Writing has always been an integral part in the way I communicate. Recently, while home in Nashville, I was rummaging through an old drawer and found my diary from 1996! I’ve been writing for years, and for many reasons. To name a few. . .

  • Clarity –Writing allows me to ‘sort through’ my emotions and get to the core of what I’m feeling. When I’m feeling completely overwhelmed, I write to sift through my thoughts and make sense of all the chatter in my mind. The process of writing is very therapeutic, and I always feel lighter after I rest my pen on top of my journal.
  • Communication –I write as a means of honest, meaningful communication. Words written are words forever. Whether it be a love note or heart-felt letter, writing is a way I express myself to another. It is a gift I give; one that I am proud of. Each post I write on Mariposa Moment is a gift I give you, my lovely readers.
  • Remembrance –Journaling my experiences has been a favorite past-time of mine since adolescence. I got such a kick out of reading the diary of my twelve-year-old self recently! It sends me back in time and creates a strong sense of nostalgia in me. One of funnest things my husband and I did was whip out my diary of when I first started dating him. Reading my words out loud to him brought back all those first-kiss butterflies (never mind it was totally embarrassing!)

What am I working on?

The truth is that I write a lot. I mean, A LOT! As a teacher, I am constantly writing: programs, lessons, emails, feedback, reflections. As an American import in Australia, I communicate constantly with friends and family back home through emails, texts and even the occasional hand-written letter.

But, my blossoming blog is the writing venture where my heart lies. My spirit comes alive when I’m sharing my story and insights with you lovely readers. My soul feels at home when I write about the topics that matter to me, the ones I post here on Mariposa Moment.

I am currently in the process of realigning my blog’s vision and overall message. Some deep changes and shifts are taking place in my life at the moment. Raw. Difficult. Growth-producing changes. Ones that have shaken me to my core and transformed me spiritually.

In the background, I am working on giving this blog baby a new look and feel. Think: Authentic. Transparent. Supportive.    I can’t wait to share her with you.

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

My life experiences and lessons are interwoven into my writing. Since I’m the only ME out there, you won’t find anyone with my exact story.

I love a good story. One with depth, highs & lows and awakening. I strive to share my story with my readers because it’s what I know best. The lessons and insights I write about here are my ‘hands-on’, ‘on-the-job training’ in life. I don’t pretend that life is always sunshine and rainbows ’cause it’s not. And I’m not afraid to pull back the curtain to reveal my struggles.

But, I also cling to the hope of redemption and new beginnings. I believe that our lowest lows can become some of our greatest gifts. These are the stories I write about. The lessons, gifts and freedom I have discovered along the journey.

How does my writing process work?

Generally, I get an inspiration for a post and jot it down in my notebook. I then structure some time to sit down uninterrupted and bang out a blog post. I like to write the whole post from start to finish, previewing and editing all within the same session. I then leave the post and come back another time for a final proof and edit before publishing.

I often face resistance to writing unless I am feeling ‘in the zone’. I don’t like to write unless I am feeling inspired and creative. So, I don’t write when I’m tired or stressed.

My writing flows best when I am in a calm, centered head space. I am able to relax and tap into my authentic voice.

I always get my sweet hubby to read my posts before hitting publish, just to get general reaction about my writing. Gotta love the honest feedback!


Now it’s time to pass on the baton to:

Nickie Linaire of Nickie Linaire: Be Happy. Be Well

Nickie is fellow teacher who has a love for all things health and wellness. She passionately writes about her own journey towards health, including the major over-haul of her physical and emotional well-being. Her writing is inspiring and heart-felt–the kind that makes you fist pump the air! NickieA bit more about Nickie. . .

Nickie Linaire believes we all came here to live passionate, love-fuelled, fulfilling lives. Her mission is to give encouragement to others to begin their own journey towards love, light and good vibes through sharing her personal experiences on her website. With a BA in Teaching Nickie has a deep desire to nurture and connect with others.  She is a lover of all things body, mind and soul and believes that self-love and remaining present are the keys to unlocking the magical inner power we all possess. 

I hope this post inspires you to dust off your journal or open up the laptop and spend some time writing. For clarity, for communication, for remembrance, for YOU!

Sarah Kate Anderson

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7 thoughts on “WHY I WRITE

  1. hello@nickielinaire.co.nz'Nickie

    Loved this wee jewel of a phrase, “one with depth, highs & lows and awakening.” We all have a story to share with the world.
    Thanks for passing this on. I’m looking forward to delving deep into the story behind my writing x

  2. jenny@jennyorenstein.com'Jenny

    Thank you so much SK for your most heart-felt words! You are beyond precious!

    I LOVE love love this so much!! I can hear a new ness about your words and the enthusiasm, drive and absolute passion that you have for writing! I’m SO glad to have connected with you beautiful. Keep shining that light of yours. xoxo

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