March 3, 2015

TALKING TRANSFORMATION SeriesWhere do I even start with today’s amazing guest? This lovely lady has quickly become one of my closest friends, even though we live across the country from each other! She’s a radiant soul who is illuminating the world with her heartfelt compassion and empowering message. Her brave spirit and countless triumphs over struggle make her wise beyond her years. Ladies (and gents), let me introduce to you Jenny Orenstein. 


Jenny and I met last March through an online blogging course we both signed up for. We hit it off quickly due to some glaring similarities and soon realized we needed to ‘meet’. Since we don’t like in the same city, Skype dates have become a regular occurrence in our budding friendship. Jenny is one of those rare individuals who actually glows! Every time we talk, I am left tingling with insight, warm with comfort and buzzing with inspiration.


Jenny has recently become a Beautiful You life coach and blogs over at Jenny Orenstein: Life In Full Flight. Her words are always dripping with empathy and laden with L O V E. It’s evident that each post is carefully crafted with you, her delightful reader, etched on her heart.


This interview is no different. Reading her words strikes deep within me. My head nods yes and my heart bursts with admiration and love for this gorgeous girl. You’re in for a real treat today!


Jenny Orenstein


Q: Living on purpose adds a whole new depth to our lives and allows us to be a powerful change agent in the world around us.

 Tell us: What is your big “WHY”?

It is my heartfelt mission to inspire young women to become their own best friend and to fall in love with their one wild and precious life.


I know what it is like to hit absolute rock bottom and feel so alone and helpless wishing your life away.


I know what it is like to despise every part of who you are and to hide your true self from the world.


I know what it is like to take your innermost pain out on your body, turning against the most important person; yourself.


And I whilst I know those places all too well, I also know the incredibly strength that it takes to get back up on your feet and create a life of greater meaning, joy and purpose.


A life where you have your own back and where you treat yourself with love and compassion.


Having been through more than most 30 years olds – Anorexia Nervosa, Depression, Thyroid Cancer & Divorce, I have transformed my own life, many times over.


The journey I walked led me to become my own guide of reassurance and of becoming my own best friend, opening the doorway to a life of possibility.


It is through my own personal experiences and over 10 years of studying the personal development field that I now teach these skills to other young woman. To support them in building a relationship with themselves based on self compassion and self acceptance and of truly listening to their own inner guidance.


I truly believe that self compassion is the cornerstone to living a wholehearted life.


Q: One thing we’re on about here at Mariposa Moment is realizing your infinite worth and value. 

 What steps in your own life have you taken to fully embrace this truth?


I struggled for most of my teenage years with self esteem and body image which was very much tied to my perception of my worth and value. I’ve spoken about my relationship with my body on my blog and how even at the tender age of 6 I absolutely despised of it. It’s taken a long time to move into a place of acceptance that my body is my ‘earth suit’ carrying me around to live my purpose.  When I began to understand this on every level it allowed me to begin to take those steps to nurturing my body with what it wanted, caring for its needs and turning towards it with love and compassion.


Instead of running from pain (emotional or physical), I became my own parent, my own friend and began turning towards myself and responding to my needs.


To choose love over fear.


Surrender over control.


To ask myself “What is it that I am needing right now?”  and to tap into my hearts wisdom asking myself “what would love say?”


Because in those moments of fear, of anxiety and of pain, love would say to me:


“You are going to be okay, more than okay beautiful. You are enough, just as you are.”


And it was through this process (and many others), that step by step, I began to learn the power of self compassion and how turning towards my self (instead of running away) was the pathway to recreate a life filled with hope, meaning and infinite possibility.


Q: How has your life transformed since starting your health journey / embracing your true purpose?


In so many ways I never ever thought possible!


Now days, I respond to my needs with compassion. We all have basic needs that call out to us for our attention. Often it is when we are denying ourselves of these needs that our bodies will try and alert us to what is lacking in our lives. For me, my wake up calls were my body’s way of saying “Hey Jen, I’m over here, take note!”.


Today I know that honouring these messages and allowing my truth to be expressed is what will continue to help me lead a life of embracing my true purpose. I’ve come to know that my only purpose in life is to be my authentic self. That’s all our purpose ever is! It is from this pace of truth that everything naturally flows. When challenges strike us down we have the strong foundation to return to time and time again.


Q: We all love when life flows with ease and abundance. But, this isn’t always the case. Can you share a time in your life when you felt stuck or defeated and how you overcame this struggle?


When you’re hit with life’s challenges and your whole world has turned upside down, there’s a big grief period where you feel as though you can’t get back up at all and that it’s all too hard. I remember feeling this numerous times in all of the challenges I have faced…totally defeated, burnt out and overwhelmed with even the thought of “tomorrow”.


Going through something like a big “wake up call” your life is never the same again. You truly see the world with new eyes and you wonder whether you’ll ever cope with this new life. It’s as though you are left with a blank slate and it can be completely overwhelming! Though by learning to shift this perception to one of possibility and curiosity it allows you to begin to see that you get to be in the driver’s seat and rewrite your story.


Life has been my biggest teacher as it has allowed me to truly experience the resiliency of the human spirit.  There came a time when I realised I could continue down the path I was going (which ultimately was heading down one very dark, dark tunnel) or I could turn towards my pain and sadness and begin to build a loving relationship with myself.


My world began to shift when I realized my thoughts were just thoughts.


I had a choice whether I was going to continue to be a prisoner and succumb to their power and control or I could learn how to diffuse them and unlock the shackles that they had over me.


As my world continued to crumble around me there were many hard realizations and truths that continued to surface, however in all of the difficult moments and heartache I was actually leading down the path to building the strongest of all foundations – a connection to my truth and my soul self.


I learnt that when I am experiencing emotional pain I can respond in a loving and kind way, to self soothe, to lean into the discomfort and respond in a way that is not just placing a band-aid over a wound but rather comforting and nurturing all parts of who I am.  By building a nurturing relationship with ourselves it’s like having your very own anchor that you can always rely on.


By listening to my own inner guidance and truly nurturing my mind, body and soul it has opened up my world to living a path of heartfelt connection, to finding my tribe, experiencing joy, gratitude and authenticity. It doesn’t mean that curve balls don’t get thrown my way, or that life is ‘easy and perfect’ but rather it means that I’ve got my own back, a resiliency within exists and I know that no matter what is going on in my world that I will get through it by continuing to lean in and respond with compassion and love.


Q: What really ignites that fire in your belly and makes you light up?


I love this question! Finding what lights you up and what ignites that fire in your belly is one of the most helpful tools ever. I make it a priority to do something every day that lights up my soul.


What lights me up?


Soulful + heartfelt connection – living in truth and on purpose – gratitude – time in nature – yoga – authentic communication – witnessing people overcome their fears – feeling driven and inspired by my hopes and dreams – my family – my tribe – the sun – meditation – ocean walks – watching the sunrise and sunset – inspiring people – Brene Brown – vulnerability


Q: Spirituality is a massive, integral part of my life journey. How do you nurture your spiritual health?


Yoga and meditation are my soul medicine.  It has become such a cornerstone to my life. It is my time of sacredness, of prayer and contemplation. It grounds my spirit and thus continues to support my quest in the union of my heart and soul. In showing up committed I know that whatever I give to my practice, it has the flow on effect of strengthening my home within.


Q: What would you go back and tell your 13 year-old self?


Beautiful one, 


You are so loved.


You are love and you are light. 


And you are enough just as you are.


When things seem scary and so out of reach, don’t turn your back on yourself when the going gets tough. Whatever happens in your life, the most important thing you can learn is to become friends with who you are. 


Your differences, your imperfections, your highly sensitive nature and your vulnerabilities are what makes you, you. 


Without them, the world would be a different place. 


Learn to value who you are, to nurture your soul and to come home to who you truly are. 


You’re going to be okay, I promise you darling heart. Reach out for support, speak your truth always and know that you can be all of you in the world.  


Q: What core-desired feeling is guiding you in this moment / in this season of life?


Effortless flow



Q: When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, what are 3 things you will be grateful for?


  1. For the desire to choose life in every single moment.
  2. For life’s lessons – albeit the most challenging however without them I would not be the person I am today.
  3. For my loved ones; my family and my friends who support me to become the best version of myself.


Professional Bio

At thirty years old, Jenny has walked through some of the fiercest fires imaginable. She has survived anorexia, depression, thyroid cancer, divorce, left unfulfilling careers, and has reinvented herself, completely – many times over. Today, as a writer, intuitive life coach, reiki practitioner and kinesiologist, she stands for one message “You can survive anything. You can be anything. And it’s never too late to start over.” When she’s not helping clients to build happier, healthier lives, and become their own best friend, you can find Jenny leading her own joyful life: relaxing on the beach, taking a yoga class, drinking a green juice or finding the best coffee in Sydney.

Connect with Jenny & take the first step towards a life of greater joy, at or jenny(at)jennyorenstein(dot)com.

Find her on Facebook and Instagram.


I am so blessed and privileged to highlight such an amazing woman on my blog today. A big thanks to Jenny for sharing her heart with us so openly and honestly.


Love + A life in full flight,

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