January 15, 2015

Maddison Vernon Welcome to another edition of Talking Transformation. I personally love this series because I get über inspired by the amazing women out there doing pretty incredible things! Today’s guest is no different. Introducing the lovely and super sweet Maddison Vernon.



Maddison and I connected recently when she popped into my inbox with a friendly introduction and collaboration idea. We hit it off immediately, and I was instantly drawn to her online message: helping students avoid stress and say good-bye to burnout forever.



Seriously y’all, where was Maddison when I was studying in University?! I spent countless hours stressing over essays and test scores. I worked harder than necessary, and perfectionism often got the best of me. I desperately needed a mentor in my life, like Maddison, who could guide me through my school experience with ease.


Maddison blogs over at Maddison Vernon, helping ‘stressed-out students survive and thrive’. She acknowledges the importance in self-care and happiness (can I get an Amen!?) and wants people to realize the importance of enjoying the journey rather than always chasing after the perfect destination.


Let’s jump into the interview!


// Living on purpose adds a whole new depth to our lives and allows us to be a powerful change agent in the world around us. Tell us: What is your big “WHY”?

My big WHY in this life is to live a life that I am passionate about. To connect with others and through that inspire and empower them to live their life full of passion doing what they love regardless of what they think they should do.

It is to provide females with the tools to empower themselves, love themselves, their bodies and be accepting of all that they are.


// One thing we’re on about here at Mariposa Moment is realizing your infinite worth and value. What steps in your own life have you taken to fully embrace this truth?

First I have to say I love this so much, because it is the biggest lesson within my own life to constantly strive to find and uncover my own worth and value. Worthy is actually one of my core-desired feelings.

The steps I take to feel this and embrace it on a daily basis, is having that word at the forefront of my mind.  Ensuring I act in accordance with that word and value.

I practice it in my day by repeating mantras in the shower, like I deeply and completely love and accept myself.


(SK: Ah, shower mantras—love this idea!!)


// How has your life transformed since starting your health journey / embracing your true purpose?

When I chose to walk down this pathway, I changed the whole direction of my life. I could have kept going the way I was find a corporate job and keep slugging it out but I chose another way.

From there I have continued to grow and evolve as a person along the way. The person I am now is different to the person I was a year ago, even a month ago.

I am a more conscious person aware of who I am, what I am doing and each day trying to walk the best path for me.


// We all love when life flows with ease and abundance. But, this isn’t always the case. Can you share a time in your life when you felt stuck or defeated and how you overcame this struggle?

I can think of numerous times this year alone when my life has felt less than abundant and flowy. After all starting your own business is a huge challenge of growth and you have to be in it for the long haul.

I first get it all out. I am such a positive person I hate saying bad things I don’t want to feel ungrateful for all that I have. But I have discovered that bad time is just as important as those good times.

So I let it all out, I get angry and frustrated at how everything is, to someone near and dear who has my back, or my journal. I then look at how I can change my thinking, what needs to change, what do I need to do. After you’ve let out all the bad stuff you can start working again towards what you want.

A huge dose of kindness and love is a necessity; do you need a nap, a bath, time to yourself? Really looking at how I can best support myself.


(SK: Again, love this! Supporting oneself in the best ways, yep!)


// What really ignites that fire in your belly and makes you light up?

Having deep connections with other people and seeing someone become so passionate about something they love in their life!


// Tell us what an ideal day looks like for you:

Doing work that I love, taking beautiful breaks throughout the day to dance, journal, read. Having a walk with my boyfriend and cuddles. Eating delicious and nourishing foods. Moving my body releasing a big endorphin rush.


// Spirituality is a massive, integral part of my life journey. How do you nurture your spiritual health?

I love to throw my hands up in the air and let the universe take over when I am feeling tired. I trust it’s got my back. I love to go to places that feel magical and freeing, that connect me with something bigger than myself.


// What would you go back and tell your 13 year-old self?

Slow down and enjoy yourself. You are on the perfect track for you – and there is nothing wrong with you.


// What core-desired feeling is guiding you in this moment / in this season of life?

Contentment: peaceful happiness.


// When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, what 3 things will you be grateful for?

I have a gratitude journal I write 3 things in each night. Today when I lay my head on my pillow I will be grateful for the beautiful weather we have had today, the sun is shining with clear blue skies! A new fiction book that I am reading and my love affair with fiction starting again. Lastly I will be grateful for myself, for focusing on the positives and being super kind to myself recently has left my life looking and feeling sparkly.


More about Maddison

Maddison is a passion-fuelled coach, writer and speaker who works with studeMaddison Vernonnts to kick overwhelm to the curb, avoid stress and anxiety, and to say goodbye to burn out forever.


You can find her on her ever-popular online space, where she riffs on topics like adding more pleasure to your day, how to stop making stress the enemy, and how to say farewell to anxiety. Download her free eBook, How to overcome Stress and Burnout here.

Connect with her on Instagram and Facebook.



// YOUR TURN: I just loved the core-desire feeling guiding Maddison at the moment (contentment, peaceful happiness) Tell us in the comments below: What core-desired feeling is guiding you in this moment / in this season of life?


Love and Light,

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    This was a great interview, Maddison is such an inspiring human!

    My core desire feelings at the moment are: connection, ease, generosity, joy and gratitude.

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      Isn’t she awesome, Chloe? Thanks for stopping by for a read! Ah, your core desired feelings give me goosebumps. So beautiful. May 2015 overflow with blessings.


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