October 28, 2014

TALKING TRANSFORMATION SeriesFor this week’s edition of Talking Transformation, I have a very special guest for you. This lady is the epitome of a wise sage in a youthful, yogi body. She’s a jack-of-all-trades when it comes to her blossoming blog / business. Just take a glance at her budding skill set and you’ll see that she’s got a lot to offer the world: yoga teacher, positive psychology and wellbeing diploma and a degree in PR, among other studies. The thing that instantly hooked me was we share a self-confessed love for orange dark chocolate. I mean, this girl’s got good taste!  


You’re in for a treat today as I chat with Lucy Bourchier from Something To Move about all things transformation. As if I couldn’t gush over this girl enough, her words are always so soothing and intentional. With every post published, she shares from her heart in the most genuine, compassionate way. Her authenticity shines through even more in her video blogs. Seriously, her voice is so assuring and almost hypnotic. As I listen, I feel as if yes, this woman gets me. She is someone I can trust. And this instant trust-factor is often hard to come by in the bottomless pit of online personalities.


So, let’s get to the meat of today!

Talking Transformation with Lucy Bourchier


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// Living on purpose adds a whole new depth to our lives and allows us to be a powerful change agent in the world around us. Tell us: What is your big “WHY”?

After spending a lot of my life coasting in the footsteps of convention – and following what well meaning others thought I’d be great at (and me too for the time!), I smacked into the shocking realization that following wasn’t for me. I worked as a Corporate PR chic for three years. I learnt a ton and made amazing friendships that I’m really grateful for. But last year I quit. I couldn’t pretend I could stomach living so misaligned, any longer. Inch by inch, I started to realign my life so that it reflected (not contradicted) what I really cared about.

Today this is what I’m passionate about helping others do! I help intelligent visionaries – who are awakening to the fact that floating down a familiar, safe stream isn’t for them – to get seriously reacquainted with their centre.

The person at the core of you is the one who softly heckles you for MORE when your head hits the pillow at night. Her message isn’t molded or honed but it aches so badly to make its mark on the world. My “why” is to help you liberate her! To help you become a maven in self-knowledge and inner-trust so you can build a life that complements your essential nature and make the dent in the world that you’re proud of.


// One thing we’re on about here at Mariposa Moment is realizing your infinite worth and value. What steps in your own life have you taken to fully embrace this truth?

What I didn’t mention up above is that when I was 24 I suffered from depression. I know I’m not alone here, a lot of people do. My own experience was a consequence of becoming estranged from my own sense of mission.

I’ll be honest. Getting back to place of deep self worth was tough. It was a windy road back, but one that I look to now as one of the greatest blessings of my life. I have a more empathy, humility, and gratitude and a lot less fear having been through that challenging time.

I started coming back “to life” one very regular afternoon. I’d just stepped out of my psychologist’s office. I was standing on a busy corner in Bondi sobbing tears of relief. It wasn’t anything she’d said to me. But I knew then that I wouldn’t be back here again. I knew without any proof at all that I had my own back. I so had this.

And that was it. I started meditating and prioritizing the needs of my inner voice. I showed up to my mat every damn day.

I became stronger and started to see the power of my own will to transform my life reflected back at me in my blossoming self-esteem. Then I started to lean into the edges of my comfort zone. I started saying yes to opportunities that excited but terrified me. I said “no” to opportunities that drained me. Stepping into our own worth is a practice. It’s one baby step at a time. But every small and brave act that affirms we value and respect ourselves is accumulating into a new and powerful way of seeing ourselves.


// How has your life transformed since starting your health journey / embracing your true purpose?

One irregular thing that pops to mind – I have less money! I know that’s a strange admission, right? But it’s usually the case when you’re just getting started in business. People don’t often talk about that. But I’ve become really intentional with where I invest my time and money now. I don’t actually need a lot of the superfluous stuff that used to drain my bank account. They were comforts that made up for the fact that I wasn’t really satisfied in my life.

That’s one of the biggest changes I’ve experienced. Everything I do these days is very intentional. There’s a little mantra that hums in the background of every choice: “is this choice/action/comment/activity really aligned with who I am becoming”? Is it aligned with what I value? If it isn’t, I’m getting much better at leaving it on the shelf.


// We all love when life flows with ease and abundance. But, this isn’t always the case. Can you share a time in your life when you felt stuck or defeated and how you overcame this struggle?

Very recently in fact! I just recently I wrote a blog post about losing my mojo. I was totally and completely spent. I couldn’t bring myself to do anything. I had a stack “to-get-done’s” that I left dangling. The craziest part though was that I didn’t care. It was my first episode of the “lazzies” (all six days in a row) that didn’t feature fear and guilt.

Why? This experience affirmed in me that there is a deep river of trust that flows inside of me, beneath all of the tumultuous, outside conditions – the fears and the times of indifference, doubt and destruction. Even when my river is just a trickle in the mud (like it was lately) it never really stops flowing. The times that we pause often accrue to more growth and more flow than the push. But here’s where it gets a little tricky. Trusting the “drain” isn’t easy! It’s easy to be at peace with our selves when our river is flowing abundantly. But the real test of trust (and it’s power) is revealed when we can tap into it when our mojo abandons us. When we stop fighting ourselves when we’re “off our game” and stop the pushing when there’s no fuel left in the tank.  

Real Trust is something I teach my clients – and it’s knowing that this energy I’m experiencing right now (whatever it is for you) is a part of me that needs to step forward and be heard right now. It will pass through when it’s ready. When we know this, we’ll never fear of hate a lazy day (or week!) again.


// What really ignites that fire in your belly and makes you light up?

Ideas! I make a point of reading (and listening) outside of my own niche to infuse my mind with new and challenging perspectives. Nothing lights my belly fire like an idea or a person that boldly challenges the status quo, who has devoted their energy to understanding the world more deeply, and stands for a purpose they care deeply about regardless of the consequence. That is magic.


// Spirituality is a massive, integral part of my life journey. How do you nurture your spiritual health?

It sure is! Since leaving my 8 – 6 gig, I make a habit of getting out of the city mid-week for mini-adventure breaks. It could be getting to the high country to haul up a mountain or even back to my parents’ farm for a replenishing break, it helps me to find perspective and connection. Also, my yoga practice is a big one. Finding moments of silence in meditation and simply walking. All of these all drop me back into myself and back into that inner divinity that can rapidly escape when our days get crowded with work, engagements and “to-do’s”!


// What would you go back and tell your 13 year-old self?

Thirteen year old me was pretty sweet, actually. But I’d whisper in her ear to always listen to herself first. I’d say: allow the voice inside of you to be louder than the voices outside of you. It may not make any sense right now, but just know that you’ve got all the answers inside.


// What core-desired feeling is guiding you in this moment / in this season of life?

Connection. It’s my guiding theme for this year. I’m so, so close to launching my podcast – The Brave Exchange! I’m connecting my audience with interesting creators and mission-driven entrepreneurs who have a compelling story to tell. This is a super tangible manifestation of this core-desired feeling. It feels so right!


// When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, what are 3 things will you be grateful for?

It changes, but these three things/people make life worth living, no matter what.

  • My Mum. She is the most wonderful mentor and friend.
  • My Grandparents. No words can describe how much they’ve enhanced my life.
  • My closest girl friends, my boyfriend and my siblings.


More about Lucy

Lucy is a mentor for women (the special kind who don’t like following the conventional path) who are ready to ignite and lead their own cause – to grab this life by the horns and leave a dent in the world that really matters. Her passion and flare is in aligning people (just like you) with their centre so that their outer reality reflects your inner, ass-kicking Rebel. She is a soon-to-be Podcaster, launching her podcast – The Brave Exchange in October.

Lucy is also a writer and a yoga instructor. You can join the Facebook community and read more from Lucy here.  


Well, there ya have it, folks! How amazing is this beautiful lady?


// ACTION: Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for her launch of The Brave Exchange podcast. I know I will be! In the comments below, let us know what resonated most with you in the interview.

Love + Light,

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