November 11, 2014


Welcome to another edition of Talking Transformation! I’m so glad you’re here today. This interview series has been so fun for me to create because I’ve had the pleasure of connecting more personally with some amazing women I admire from all around the globe. These ladies all have a unique message that they are sharing with the world that fills my tank with inspiration and feel-good vibes. 

Let me introduce today’s guest, Lisa Bryan. Lisa is the creative mind behind Downshiftology, a blog dedicated to inspiring and equipping smart and busy women to slow down in an overloaded world. Lisa is also a true advocate for health and wellness. Having been a former corporate woman with a host of health issues, Lisa knows first-hand how vital health and self-care are to one’s overall happiness and fulfilment.


One thing in particular that drew me to Lisa’s online home (besides the drool-worthy recipes!) is her mantra of “stress less!” She understands and honors the importance of avoiding burn-out and exhaustion. She’s living proof that taking gentle yet intentional steps towards self-care can have a massive positive effect on one’s health. In a world of go-go-go, it’s refreshing and vital that there are voices reminding us to stop, slow down and enjoy life!


You’ve heard enough from me; see for yourself how cool this chick really is.

Talking Transformation with Lisa Bryan of Downshiftology

Lisa Bryan Downshiftology// Living on purpose adds a whole new depth to our lives and allows us to be a powerful change agent in the world around us. Tell us: What is your big “WHY”?

My big “why”, the thing that fuels me…is that everyone has the power to improve their wellness. And that power is huge! Simple tweaks can have a massive impact on your health and happiness. We are in the driver’s seat!


// One thing we’re on about here at Mariposa Moment is realizing your infinite worth and value. What steps in your own life have you taken to fully embrace this truth?

To trust my inner positive voice. The one that says “go get ‘em, you’ve got this!” We all have that positive voice along with the inner critic. The one who says “who are you to do this?” “you’re not qualified” “you can’t heal” “you can’t follow your passion.” But that voice is really just a big old scaredy cat! And everyone has it. Once you realize that, it’s much easier to follow the voice of positivity and potential!


// How has your life transformed since starting your health journey / embracing your true purpose?

It would be an understatement to say that my life has done a 360! I’ve never been healthier, happier and more confident that I’m living my life exactly as I should be. Although, in all honesty, my journey was a bit bumpy in the beginning. Initially, I was in denial that my lifestyle was causing most of my health problems. I went to doctors looking for a “quick fix,” which only resulted in band-aid solutions. Once I realized that I, little old me, could control my health and happiness, my entire world changed. I completely tamed all four of my autoimmune diseases within a year. I left my former corporate job to pursue my passion and create Downshiftology. And I surrounded myself with like-minded, light-you-up, positive people. Change comes quickly once you realize you are in control.


// We all love when life flows with ease and abundance. But, this isn’t always the case. Can you share a time in your life when you felt stuck or defeated and how you overcame this struggle?

I felt very stuck when I was diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases in two years! It was a time of utter craziness! I had no clue why my body was going haywire. And none of the dozens of doctors I visited had answers nor could “fix” me. But then I realized that I was looking for answers outside of me. I was living a life of high-stress, unhealthy eating and poor sleep. On the outside I was the epitome of success, yet on the inside I was drowning. Once I simplified my life, in baby steps, my body started to heal itself. Improving my food and nourishment – check. Leaving my high-stress job – check. Prioritizing relaxation, exercise and sleep – check. Helping others, which makes my heart sing – check. Simple tweaks created my happiness flow!


// What really ignites that fire in your belly and makes you light up?

Helping others transform and see their potential. To help them see how wildly powerful they are. Oh, and travel! I’m an adventurer and explorer at heart. 🙂


// Tell us what an ideal day looks like for you:

Waking up to a glorious, sunny day and going for a walk along the beach or meditating on the day ahead. Then, having a healthy breakfast and working for a few hours with clients, writing articles or creating new projects. Meeting up with girlfriends for lunch (and laughs!) somewhere outside on a patio. Doing some more work or exploring (if I’m traveling). Going for a run or doing a yoga class in the afternoon. Making a delicious dinner or creating a new recipe for my website in the evening followed by a juicy novel that gets my mind into dreamland before going to bed. That would be a fantastic day!


// Spirituality is a massive, integral part of my life journey. How do you nurture your spiritual health?

My spirituality is rooted in everyday living. It could be outside hiking amongst nature, reflecting on the day or just talking to girlfriends who help me see my potential. Anything that helps to lift me up!


// What would you go back and tell your 13 year-old self?

Little Lisa…stop comparing yourself to others and worrying about what they think. You are beautiful and smart so have confidence in yourself!


// What core-desired feeling is guiding you in this moment / in this season of life?

Oh, I have a few (being the multi-passionate person that I am!). Aligned, Connected, Adventurous and Vibrant.


// When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, what are 3 things will you be grateful for?

My health which allows me to live each day with gusto, my family who supports me and keeps me grounded, and for tomorrow, which brings a whole new day of possibilities.


More about Lisa

Lisa Bryan is a writer, entrepreneur, real-food eater, world traveler and motivator for vibrant living. She believes that wellness is a journey and simplicity is not boring. As the founder of she helps women connect the dots between health, lifestyle and happiness.

After experiencing extreme fatigue and other seemingly innocuous symptoms, Lisa was ultimately diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases in two years. Yet these diagnoses didn’t come easy. Three out of four of those diseases were her own findings after doctors initially dismissed her symptoms as “not classical” to textbook definitions.

Prior to founding, Lisa was an accomplished marketing executive for healthcare and biotechnology companies where she gained valuable insight into genomics and cutting-edge science. With this background and ability to connect the dots, Lisa quickly identified the overlooked and gaping hole in modern healthcare – simple prevention and a focus on wellness. Stress, poor diet and lack of sleep were triggering disease on a grand scale.

Lisa is now an impassioned advocate for those with chronic or autoimmune diseases and believes the best medicine encompasses health and lifestyle transformations. She inspires countless women to restart their lives, take action for positive change and make each day count.


You can also connect with Lisa on Facebook and Instagram.


Are you swimming in those feel-good vibes after reading Lisa’s interview? Ah, this girl is rockin’ it in health and wellness. Please do yourself a favor and get on over to her blog!


// ACTION: Thanks for joining me for another edition of Talking Transformation. Are there any bloggers who are inspiring you and pumping you up at the moment? Share their link below so we can check them out.


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