October 20, 2016

I love people. I love connecting with people. I want to know their stories. I long to understand what lights them up. And this innate part of me is what saw me plunking down at the “Intro to Social Work” segment at our University orientation day the summer before I started college. I think there were, like, maybe three of us baby-faced Freshmen, all with our parents, so I obviously didn’t choose the cool majors like business or marketing. Pffft.


Anyway, fast forward four years and I proudly crossed that stage with a BSW and moved across the world (quite literally!) to Australia where I embarked on Youth Ministry. A few more years down the track, I became a ‘mature-aged student’ at the ripe ‘ole age of 28, fulfilling my childhood dream of becoming a . . .. teacher. Asking my nine-year-old self, it was either that or country music singer and well, we know that wouldn’t have worked out. I’m more of a shower / nursery rhyme singin’ gal.


After birthing Rafe, and subsequently myself into motherhood, I dove head first into sharing essential oils with anyone and everyone I could. To this day, when a mom with babe in arms walks past me, all I want to do is run up to her and hand her some Lavender and my Joyful Blend. Moms gotta stick together, right?!


So I guess you could say I’m in the people business. I talk to a lot of people. I meet a heck of a lot more in what I do. I mentor a budding team of strong and courageous women. They share the inner workings of their soul with me and I, in turn, have the privilege of drawing upon my own strength and hope to walk this journey alongside them in authentic connection.


It freakin’ rocks.


At the same time, this vulnerability we share draws me deep into the hidden crevices of the heart.


And in all my experiences, time and time again, I come back to one truth: Every single one of us has a hunger to live a full life. 


I also witness–and experience first-hand–the interwoven pain and disappointment that surfaces when our biggest, boldest dreams and desires feel like a chasm leap away. We strive, we push, we grit our teeth hoping that working harder will get see us fulfilled sooner.


This isn’t the answer.


So then we look up and see every. single. person. around us winning at their goals. And the inner dialogue might go something like this. . .

“Are you kidding me, could her life get any better?”

“Gah, how come she’s successful at everything?!”

“I guess I’m just not that [             ] lucky/pretty/smart/blessed/talented.”

“I might as well just give up.”


See what’s happening here? When we jump on the hamster wheel of comparison, we pull ourselves out of our heart space and start to sabotage our own success. It’s pretty dang hard to follow your own dreams and tap into your unique creative genius or live a life of inner joy when you’re sights are glued on the visible world around you.


I know this to be true because I’ve been there. 


So, here is a message for you, my friend. It’s straight from my heart to yours.


I want you to know—truly know in the pit of your belly—that you are created for greatness. 


It’s time to stop sabotaging your own success in order to unlock your heart and start living life to the fullest.


And I’ll leave you with this:  If this message resonates with you, I would love you to use the share options below and get this into more hands that need to hear it today. <3

Love and light,

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