May 25, 2015

pregnancy updateOver the past several months, my blog has taken a backseat because there has been something more important that I’ve been working on—-growing a baby! I’ve mentioned to a few of my pregnant friends that I’ve felt my creativity zapped during this pregnancy and many of them agree that they’ve had similar experiences. Maybe my A-game has been zeroed in on creating and sustaining this miraculous life inside of me. Maybe the pregnancy fatigue and ‘baby brain’ have trumped my creative juices. Whatever the reason behind it, I just haven’t felt like writing. . . and that’s okay with me!


But today I want to give you some insight and behind-the-scene updates. I realize that since the big “We’re Expecting!” announcement earlier this year, I haven’t shared much online about Baby. Overall, pregnancy has been such a beautiful experience for the hubby and me. We are constantly in awe of the growing life inside of me and are eagerly counting down the weeks until his debut.


Yes, his debut! I’ve casually mentioned that we are expecting a baby boy but never made an official announcement about the gender. Hubby and I knew from the get-go that we would be too impatient not to find out the baby’s gender. I had totally convinced myself that it was a girl, so I was extremely shocked (and delighted!) when the ultrasound technician came across his little boy bits on the screen. For me personally, knowing that he’s a tiny “he” in there has strengthened our bond and created a deeper sense of connection between us. I will say that I do truly admire those couples who can hold off and keep it a secret until baby arrives. I’ve just never been big on surprises.


The first trimester was overshadowed by fatigue and nausea. The nausea wasn’t really ‘morning sickness’ as mine kicked in around 2pm every day. I often joked that my body clock was flipped as I’m a native Nashvillian living in Australia. All jokes aside, that constant sea-sick feeling was the worst. THE. WORST. Most of the time, no food looked or sounded appealing but an empty stomach only exasperated the issue. The most frustrating aspect was that I was repulsed by the healthy foods that I once loved—-all veggies (fresh, steamed, roasted, you name it!) and most fruits. It was the weirdest thing. I seemed to crave french fries, mashed potatoes and macaroni-and-cheese. It’s like my body was saying, feed me all dem carbs! 


So, what did I do? I ate all the carbs! The pregnant body is building not only a baby but also a placenta during the first trimester. The body needs a great deal of energy and rest to do this. So, I was eating dense foods and sleeping 12+ hours a night. Big props to the hubby for taking the reins and keeping our house in order.


The second trimester brought about a great deal of relief and the lovely pregnancy glow. I embraced my growing baby bump—cute, compact and easy to maneuver around with. I had fun styling the bump with my new maternity clothes.

outfit 1


outfit 2outfit 3Many women mention a surge of energy in the second trimester that I never really felt. Turns out my iron levels were low, but once I got on a supplement, my stamina started to quickly improve. The second trimester brought about some welcomed news: a successful 20-week anatomy scan, passing of the glucose test and overall good blood levels (aside from the low iron). Hubby and I also went on a ‘baby moon’ during the last few weeks of the second trimester. It was a nice, romantic getaway to celebrate our 6 year wedding anniversary and this new passage into parenthood.


The third trimester has proven to be the most physically uncomfortable. Currently, I am nearly 34 weeks pregnant and already counting down the weeks until little guy’s due date. My body has had a bit of trouble adjusting to the additional weight. My poor pelvis hasn’t coped very well thanks to the hormone, relaxin, which has resulted in time off work and a support belt. I saw the physio a couple of weeks ago and he recommended I wear the belly brace and get off my feet as much as possible. The bed rest has helped a lot but my personality isn’t one that likes lounging around for hours on end.


There is always a lesson to be learned, right? For me, it’s been one of valuing and honoring self-compassion and surrender to what is. I’ve also had many people say to enjoy the quiet rest now because once baby comes, well, that’s a different story!


The best thing about pregnancy for me is the immense, all-consuming love I feel for this child already. I haven’t even met him yet and his face is but a vague idea I’ve imagined, but oh how the love is pumping through every vessel in my body. My heart aches to meet him and hold him in my arms.


Oh, and can it get any better than snuggling with your partner while he holds your belly and feels the little karate kicks? Baby boy’s got us wrapped around his teensy-tiny finger already!


// YOUR TURN: If you’re a momma or currently pregnant, I’d love to hear some of the highlights or surprises you’ve experienced during pregnancy. Share in the comments below!


Lots of love from the both of us,

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7 thoughts on “PREGNANCY UPDATE


    Hi Sarah Kate, congrats on your pregnancy. Not long to go now! I am 24 weeks currently and can relate to the first trimester sickness and carb-loading! My naturopath prescribed me iron from the get go, so i’m feeling full of energy at the moment. My hips are starting to feel a bit painful, especially when lying down which makes sleep a little difficult. All the best to you for the safe arrival of your little boy. It’s such a special time.
    Much love, Rachel

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      Oh thank you, Rachel! BIG congrats to you, too! The second trimester is definitely the best. Do you have a pregnancy pillow for sleep? I found that very helpful to relieve some of the pain. Thank you for your thoughtful words. 6 weeks to go and counting!!


        Yep, I’ve got a pregnancy pillow, but it doesn’t seem to be helping much. Might have to try something sturdier, like a bolster. Enjoy the remaining weeks of your pregnancy!

  2.'Kylie Anderson

    What a gorgeous update!! In my first trimester I lived on carbs too, so your not alone there lol. These last few weeks take the time to rest and give yourself permission to surrender to it. Look after yourself hun, your life is about to change in such a magical way and I’ve only been a mum for 6 days lol. Much love xx

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      Oh thank you for the great advice and affirmation. It’s so refreshing hearing how wonderful and mesmerizing motherhood is (rather than how hard and challenging). All my love to baby Ava. xx


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