September 29, 2014

OCTOBER MUST HAVESWell, we can’t start a new month without the ‘Mariposa Must Have’ feature, now can we? I always look forward to writing this post as the previous month is winding down. I anticipate the fresh start ahead and the possibilities a new calendar page brings. I absolutely love sharing what I’m digging each month with you. 

October is particularly special to me as it is my Birthday month. Even more special this year is my sister’s first visit to Australia! I relocated here in 2007 and she’s finally come Down Under to see my new stomping ground. I cannot wait to play tourist and take her to all my favorite cafes, hang-outs and just do the quintessential sight-seeing with her. We’ve got some fun things in store for her 4-week visit, which I’m sure to recap on the blog.


Springtime in Australia is playing tricks on me. Some days are chilly and overcast while others are beaming out the warm sunshine without a cloud in the sky. Last weekend, the hubby and I took our Ridgeback to the dog beach for the first time this season. I even worked up the nerve to plunge into the ocean for a swim. Brr. . . it’s still pretty fresh! Something about a little sun-kissed glow and salty, windblown hair makes me feel so beautiful. Maybe it’s just being one with nature—simple, natural and full of joy. Yeah, those are the best days.



As summer is on its warm way in, I have one thing on my mind: HOLIDAYS! 

My sister being in town is the perfect excuse to pack up and travel. So, that’s just what we’re going to do! On that note, let’s get into my current must haves.

October Mariposa Must Haves


    This month, we are heading down south for an ocean-front camping adventure. The hubby and I have spent the past few weekends shopping in order to top up our camping gear. We even purchased new beach towels—hello holidays! Whether you can take a few days off work this month or plan for a weekend road trip, October is the perfect month for holidaying outdoors. Even if you’re going into Autumn, an adventurous weekend getaway could be on the cards. I can imagine the leaves turning all beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow. The crisp air and Fall foliage call for a windows-down drive through the hills or a booking at a quaint B & B. There’s something so rejuvenating and grounding about connecting with nature. It’s relaxing, inspiring and a welcomed break from technology.


    Orange is the oil of abundance. I’ve been rubbing it on my lower abdomen every morning and night to foster creativity, support a positive mood and restore my physical energy. This essential oil addresses a scarcity mindset and a fear of lack. It reconnects one with her inner child and encourages fun, joy and spontaneity. Wild Orange essential oil reminds the soul of the limited supply of abundance found in nature. This is very suiting for my impending camping trip! 


    This ginger haired crooner is making all the right moves in my book. It doesn’t hurt that I’m a sucker for raw, authentic, emotive lyrics. He got us all wondering who Don’t was written about with those steamy, confession-laden lyrics. I mean, who would two-time on sweet Eddie?! Last week, I heard my new favorite song on the radio while driving home in a rain storm. The lyrics were so honest, so beautiful that I immediately got online (once home, of course) and tried to find out who was singing this song about we found love right where we are. Turns out it was Thinking Out Loud by, who else but, Ed Sheeran. I should have made the connection early but this just solidifies my undying love for his music. If you haven’t heard this song, here it is. It’s a heart-string pullin’ tune about life long love that makes me want to slow dance with my husband right on the spot. Sheesh, powerful!

A few more things I’m gushing over:

  • This website.
  • Dark chocolate covered orange peel. (In sync with my obsession with Wild Orange oil) October must haves
  • My new logo by the talented Steph Blaszak. What do you think of it? ProfilePhoto

// ACTION: Share with us in the comments below something that you are loving this month of October!

Happy October,

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  1. behealthyhappyyou@gmail.com'Sarah

    Loving your new logo Sarah Kate! And your holiday sounds like it is going to be divine. You must be so excited for your sister coming to stay! xx

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