March 17, 2014

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During my late teens and early twenties, I had a pretty negative relationship with my body. I criticized, punished and pushed my body beyond its limits. I refused to fully accept and love myself just as I was. I wasted so much time comparing myself to other girls, which ultimately robbed me of my own joy.

Now, I’m overjoyed to say, I accept and embrace all of me. This acceptance has been a catalyst in transforming into my true self. The freedom and beauty that comes with accepting and loving your whole self is indescribable. And you know what? This amazing freedom is available to everyone!

I’ve written this letter as a manifesto for all girls, women, ladies (and guys!) to reclaim a love and appreciation for their body. For us all to stop being at war against our bodies and start working with our bodies.

When we work with our bodies, something amazing happens. Our mindset becomes more positive, we stop wasting our precious energy and life becomes easier.

When we stop fighting our bodies, we can create a beautiful, fun, passionate life for ourselves!


Dear Body,

You amaze me!

You show me when you’re hungry. You tell me when you’re full. You alert me when you’re run down and need a break.

You know how to rejuvenate during sleep and heal when you’re broken.

Because of you, I can experience this existence, my life, in all of its fullness.

You share my happiness through smiles & laughter.

You grieve my sadness with tears.

You express this love inside of me through touch,



Because of you, I am not only alive in my soul, but I feel alive when the sun hits my face and the wind blows in my hair.


Thank you.

Thank you for housing my spirit so safely.

Thank you for creating strength in my legs to support me everyday. To explore. Discover. Move. Climb. Run.

Thank you for making my arms powerful. To envelop those around me with love. To carry. Push. Give. Hold.

Thank you for using food as energy so that I have the chance to live each day to the fullest.

And yet, I’m sorry.

I’m sorry that I have not always treated you with the kindness and attention that you deserve.

I’m sorry that I have ignored you when you tried to tell me what you needed.

I’m sorry that I have neglected to provide you with the nutrients, rest and kindness that you deserve.

I am sorry for not always respecting you with my words or my thoughts.

For comparing you to the other bodies I see around me.

For wishing parts of you were different. Slimmer. Leaner. Prettier.

For this, I’m sorry.

You are perfect the way you are. Because you are created in the image of God.


We live this life together. Body + Mind + Soul together.

I commit to stop fighting you and starting working with you. Today. Everyday.

I commit to fueling you with the food you need.

To stop criticizing you for my unhappiness.

To provide you with the rest, compassion and love you deserve.

We can create a beautiful life.

A life of passion and purpose.


I accept you.

I love you.

As you are today. Forever.



Whenever you start to feel bad about your body or compare it to others, re-read this aloud to your body. Whenever you find yourself depriving your body of what it needs to thrive, re-read this aloud to yourself. Lovingly look in the mirror and read your love letter.

It might be hard, and you might not believe every single part right now, but awareness and self-compassion are the steps towards transforming into your true self. You are beautiful. Believe it!

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Lots of love,




So God created man kind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them. ~Genesis 1:27


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10 thoughts on “LOVE LETTER TO YOUR BODY


    Beautiful post Sarah Kate <3 "You are perfect the way you are." Absolutely agree. We always seem to hone in our our perceived flaws & never step back to see the beauty we have & be thankful for it. Time for my nourishing green juice x

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      Thanks for sharing the love. You are so right…it is easy to fall into the trap of body bashing and letting our flaws define our self worth. Keep shining your beautiful light, Kat!


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