October 7, 2014


I love the concept of transformation. It evokes a sense of hope, possibility and newness that ignites a fire in my belly. Looking back over the years, I’ve gone through several major transformations. One that I am infinitely grateful for is my relationship with food. I used to engage in extremely destructive eating behaviors that ultimately landed me in a treatment center two days before my 18th birthday. Thankful to God, I have not only healed but transformed my relationship with food. My life is completely different as a result!

When coining a name for my little online home, I intuitively embraced Mariposa Moment for its connotation to transformation. Mariposa means butterfly: a creature that symbolizes hope, rebirth and transformation. Butterflies go through change and struggle to be transformed into new creations that have unlimited potential to fly to great heights.



Mariposa Moment refers to those moments when you bravely face your fears, conquer your self-doubt and let your true self emerge. You may have several small victories each day. You may have one major life-changing shift towards freedom. No matter how frequent or few, these precious moments bring you closer to the life you were created to live. Mariposa Moment, in essence, is transforming into your true self.


Through the process of establishing my blog baby, I have connected with some pretty freakin’ awesome ladies! And these amazing women inspire me to my core—-to push past fear and doubt, to keep my big dreams alive, and to believe that my message matters. These blogging babes are making major waves in their chosen niches and offering their radiant light to the world with such authenticity and heart.


I’m beyond thrilled to have created an avenue to share their awesomeness! Today, I launch the first installation of my interview feature, Talking Transformation. In this series, you’ll hear from some of my favorite inspirational ladies who have gone through their own struggles and, in turn, transformations. You’ll find out what lights them up inside and how they are impacting the world with their unique messages.

Talking Transformation with Kate Toholka

Kate Toholka courtesy of Oliver Freeman Photography

Let me introduce you to the first lady to spotlight, the vivacious Kate Toholka. She and I connected a few months ago when I participated in her Raw, Honest and Blazing with Confidence feature.


Kate is nothing short of spectacular. She is an Amazon best-selling author, host of Kate TV and creator of The Happiness Hub.


The Happiness Hub is the innovative brainchild of Kate that will take you to the next level. In business. In health. In your life! This is an annual membership where you’ll find countless meaningful resources to keep you inspired and empowered, including ebooks, tools, programs and live events. What’s better is the connection with others in the Hub!


If you got big ideas and ambitious dreams, the Happiness Hub is the place to cultivate and nurture them. If you’re ready to open your arms to receive more goodness into your life, the Happiness Hub is the place you’ll be supported and guided.


You can find out more and sign up to become a member of the Happiness Hub here. 


Wow, talk about a budding entrepreneur! With all Kate’s experience and success, this chica has loads of wisdom and juicy honesty that I’m eager to share with you. . .


So, let’s get to the interview!



// Living on purpose adds a whole new depth to our lives and allows us to be a powerful change agent in the world around us. Tell us: What is your big “WHY”?

Connection is my strongest core value that underpins everything I do. I strive to feel connected – with myself, others, the world. And I get a serious buzz from helping others to connect.

// One thing we’re on about here at Mariposa Moment is realizing your infinite worth and value. What steps in your own life have you taken to fully embrace this truth?

Connecting with my Why was the first and best step I have taken to fully embrace this truth. That, and treating myself as a queen!

// How has your life transformed since starting your health journey / embracing your true purpose?

It has gone insane! In a totally good way! More expression, more freedom, more connection. A lot more challenges of course, but ones that I’m ready and willing to face.

// We all love when life flows with ease and abundance. But, this isn’t always the case. Can you share a time in your life when you felt stuck or defeated and how you overcame this struggle?

There’s plenty of examples in my life I could give. The most recent would be the feeling of helplessness and stuckness I was experiencing at my part time job. It should have been easier – I definitely had the skill set to do the job – but my heart wasn’t in it. I bit the bullet and quit in September – both the scariest and awesomest (totally a word) thing I have done.

// What really ignites that fire in your belly and makes you light up?

Connection (can you tell?!). Love the sense of community and love bringing vulnerability to the core of the community. We can do so much more together than we ever could do alone.

// Tell us what an ideal day looks like for you.

Wake up in sunny Noosa, hit the town for a pilates or barre attack session followed by morning swim. Breakfast on the deck with a good magazine. Work a few hours on The Happiness Hub. Head into town for lunch with some amazing people. Spend the afternoon exploring the outside before coming back home to prepare a delicious meal with my partner. Enjoy dinner on the deck with a glass of red and then tuck into a good movie before bed. DREAM day!

// Spirituality is a massive, integral part of my life journey. How do you nurture your spiritual health?

For me, my spiritual health is rooted in nature. That connection with the world is my spirit home so to nurture it is to go outside and be in it!

// What would you go back and tell your 13 year-old self?

Hey you rat bag, ease up on the soft drink! And stop thinking you’re not as pretty as your friends. You’re going to do some amazing stuff and really challenge the status quo (in a healthier way than you are right now).

// What core-desired feeling is guiding you in this moment / in this season of life?

Connected. It’s all about feeling connected. I’m pretty clear on that aren’t I?

// When you lay your head on your pillow tonight, what are 3 things will you be grateful for?

My boy for everything. My pup for the daily cuteness overload and heart melting moments. The new roof that will be over my head in less than a week!

More about Kate Toholka

2T9A1098612129Kate Toholka is a Holistic Health & Life Coach, Occupational Therapist and the author of  the #1 Amazon Best Seller, ‘Healthy Habits: The Busy Women’s Guide to Boosting Productivity, Health and Happiness’. After becoming disillusioned working in the mental health industry, Kate sought to use her unbridled passions for holistic living and psychology to empower women into their dream business and lives. She is known for her raw honesty and ability to help women to tap into their unlimited potential. Kate believes in the power of community, self-love, inspired action, the natural order and your phenomenal worth.

Connect with Kate on her Blog, FacebookTwitter and Instagram @kate_toholka.

I hope you have found her answers as uplifting and inspiring as I have. I’m excited for the Talking Transformation feature as I’ll be continuing to highlight more amazing women in this space for you.

// ACTION: I’d love to hear what you think about this Talking Transformation collaboration! Please share your comment below. You can also connect with Kate using the links above!

Love + Light,

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* I am a proud affiliate of The Happiness Hub because I believe in its awesomeness! 

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