January 28, 2015

DoTERRA essential oils

I’ll be honest. I used to think only hippies used essential oils. Like, people who loved trees and nature. But then it dawned on me, I love trees and nature. Plus, I really love holistic health and wellness. Gosh, I sure had been living under a rock! It seems my social media has blown up lately with information on essential oils. Suddenly, they’ve become all the rage but did you know that essential oils have been around for centuries? 

As early as 2700 BC, the Chinese were using herbs and aromatic plants in medicine. Frankincense—dubbed the King of Oils—was brought to the Christ child in Biblical times. In the 1940s, essential oils were even used on injured soldiers. I know several people who have been practicing aromatherapy for over 20 years!


So, what’s happened? Why are essential oils getting so much hype today?


Let me start off by saying, I am thrilled by this explosion of interest and knowledge! I was introduced to essentials oils  in January of 2014. I’ve been consistently using my oils for the past year and have been truly amazed by the benefits I am experiencing both emotionally and physically. I’ve experienced deeper sleep, more concentration, less anxiety, better gut health and an overall balance and grounding in life.


** As a side note, I did choose to abstain from using oils topically/internally during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. (Oh, heyyyyyy! I never made a pregnancy announcement on the blog. . .so, yeah, I’ve got a bun in the oven. Due early July!)


Thank you, thank you. Yes, it is very exciting! But, back to my question.


I personally think the increased awareness of essential oils couldn’t have come at a better time. Let’s face it: today’s diets are shocking, our stress levels are sky-high and personal happiness is suffering. As much as I value Western Medicine, I think many doctors are over medicating. Oftentimes, we are popping pills to lessen our symptoms but fail to treat the root cause of so many of our health issues. In saying that, I do believe that proactive medical care and appropriate medication are necessary in certain situations.


I just love that there are natural solutions that can either work in conjunction with or in place of medicines and household products that often have adverse side-effects or toxic ingredients. Essential oils support the whole person—mind, body, spirit—in functioning at optimal capacity. 


Whether it be Lavender to support sleep or Frankincense to promote relaxation or Wild Orange to boost energy or even Peppermint to soothe a headache, there are so many uses for the oils!


Now you might be thinking, what exactly is an essential oil?


lavender oil sac

A lavender leaf and up close look at the oil sac.

Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers and other parts of the tree (doTERRA Intl). The essential oils are found in tiny sacs on the plant source and have the important job of protecting the plant, in turn allowing it to thrive. Because of this, essential oils are anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial by nature.


One of the most powerful thing about essential oils is that they can pass through the blood-brain barrier and reach inside your cells. They are regenerative, detoxifying, protective and immune-strengthening liquids that can destroy harmful bacteria and viruses that modern synthetic drugs cannot. Due to their complex compounds, the body does not build up a tolerance to essential oils like it does with many medications and antibiotics.


I believe essential oils are making waves in the health community today because there is now a safe, effective Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade option on the market. About 98% of essential oils on the market are full of perfumes, fillers and other nasties. The brand of essential oils I use and trust are the safest, purest and most beneficial essential oils available today (doTERRA, Intl). They can confidently be used aromatically through inhaling and diffusing, topically on the skin and internally through drinking, eating foods made with the oils and ingesting via capsules.


I can say with confidence that everyone can benefit from incorporating essential oils into their daily lives. It’s simple, cost-effective, enjoyable and all-natural. Your family’s health and wellness will thank you for it!


If you want to take this holistic step towards health, contact me via my CONTACT page or leave a comment below. I’d love to share more of my experience with you one-on-one and help you get started on your wellness journey!

Happy, healthy living,

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  1. kris@ladyfrankie.com'Kris

    Congratulations! So excited for you and your little one, hope you’re feeling well. I have a bub due in April and after that I’d love to do a course in aromatherapy, I find it to be so powerful when I dabble in it… imagine what it would be like if I actually knew what I was doing! xx

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      Thank you, Kris! Congrats to you, too. April isn’t too far away now!! I am loving this journey and embracing the renewed energy in 2nd trimester. I have looked into an Aromatouch course qualification here in Perth. Very reasonably priced and just one full-day event. I’ve heard great things about it. Email me if you want me to hook you up with someone who can find a practitioner near you.

  2. allisonbrittle@gmail.com'Allison

    Hey Sarah Kate. I love my essential oils, peppermint & lavender are my favorites. Love Mariposa Moment. Keep up the great work. Congratulations on you and Craig’s bundle of joy.

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      So glad you like your oils. I have become such a strong believer in their power and healing properties. Stay tuned because next week I’m posting a recipe using the oils!

  3. sandra.zwick@hotmail.com'Sandra

    Great post – I absolutely love my oils <3 (Halfway through reading this I actually got up and put some peppermint oil on – haha) and DoTerra are AMAZING!

    Congrats on the bub too!

  4. carlymjennings@yahoo.co.uk'Carly

    Such apt timing – I am just awaiting my first doterra delivery 🙂 Excited to give them a go in the healing quest. Love the site bty hon – looks very beautiful xx

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      Thanks for your kind words, Carly. You will LOVE the oils. Doterra is such a beautiful, ethical company that as you use them, you’re also giving back to the world in such a positive way.

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