How To Karate Chop Your Fear

March 7, 2014

karate chop fearWhen I was a child, I developed an intense fear of getting abducted. By happenstance, I watched this news story about a young girl getting kidnapped by a man who climbed through her bedroom window while she was sleeping. This news clip grew into a monster under my bed that haunted my elementary years.

When I developed an eating disorder in high school, fear was at the root of my illness.

Fear of food. fat. sugar.

Fear of numbers. calories. weight.

Fear of curves. flesh. femininity.

Fear of people. socializing. judgements.

Fear of life itself.

My fear manifested as anxiety that robbed me of the joy of living. 

In order to cope, I turned to control and secrecy. I sure didn’t want people to know my inner chaos. I mean, fear equals weakness, right?


Fear is just a feeling that alerts us to danger. Physical. Emotional. Spiritual danger.

So go ahead and ask yourself,

What do you fear?

What are you afraid will happen?

When we acknowledge our fears, we are awakened to a newfound wisdom. We realize that we need help.

This relational need brings us HOPE and STRENGTH. 

When I was at my lowest point during my eating disorder, I could not recover on my own. I needed assistance. But, I was too scared to admit it. Ultimately, my parents interceded and provided me with the help that I so desperately needed. They sent me to an inpatient treatment center where I was surrounded by skilled therapists, nutritionists, doctors, and carers.

I was engulfed by love and guidance. Soaked in wisdom and direction from individuals who could offer me things that I did not have. There are times in life when we don’t have all the answers and that’s okay. There are times when we must surrender control and that’s when we find freedom.

My fear was an opportunity to strengthen my faith in my Creator.

Vulnerable and desperate, I admitted that I was no longer self-sufficient. In my surrender, peace began to replace anxiety. Faith began to replace fear.

Let your FAITH be BIGGER than your FEAR.

Fear is not to be feared. We must listen to our fear and value what it is trying to tell us. Only then will we begin to move from anxiety towards peace.

Do not dwell on the fear; rather acknowledge it and ask for help. When we surround ourselves with others who can offer understanding and love, we become strong.

We begin to fully live again. Free from fear. Full of faith. 

In simplest form, here are the 4 steps to karate chop your fear. KA-POW!

  1. Acknowledge the fear. Stop suppressing and start accepting.
  2. Listen to the fear. What is the fear telling you? What is your perceived danger?
  3. Ask for help. Seek out individuals who possess the wisdom and skills you don’t have.
  4. Step out in faith. Our God is mighty. In Him, you can overcome.

Today is your day. Let your faith be bigger than your fear.

Lots of love,




With his love, he will calm all your fears. ~Zephaniah 3:17

Image: Pixabay/Picmonkey


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    Well said and deeply appreciated for your honesty, your journey, your strength and your wisdom. 😉


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