August 19, 2014


Thank you for all the heartfelt and generous words poured out to me after sharing more of my story last week. Your kind thoughts, prayers and similar stories warmed my heart more than you could imagine. After such heavy, emotive writing, I’ve decided to bring you something lighter today. So let’s dive in. . .

There’s no denying the millions of diets popping up all over Facebook ads, TV commercials, Instagram #fitspo and health magazines. It can be difficult to navigate healthy food choices that fuel your body, suit your nutritional needs and still bring that pleasure-factor to eating. The term ‘lifestyle’ has refreshingly become the new replacement for ‘diet’. I agree that it’s important to eat in a way that is sustainable, not deprivative.

During my recovery, I had to retrain my brain to drop the ‘good food’ vs ‘bad food’ labels, eat in abundance rather restriction and tune into my body’s needs and cravings. Rather than counting calories or eliminating food groups, I have ventured down the path of Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive Eating provides a new way of eating that is ultimately struggle-free and healthy for your mind and body. It means getting back to your roots—trusting your body and its signals. ~Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch, authors of Intuitive Eating

Intuitive Eating literally changed my life by changing my relationship with food. As my relationship with food has healed, I can now make healthy food choices from a place of genuine wellbeing rather than body manipulation or fear.

But, truth be told, I don’t always choose the healthy option. In fact, my ideal day includes a cupcake in one hand, latte in the other!

The beauty in Intuitive Eating is that you listen to your body and honor its cues. There might be periods of time when you crave and eat more sugary, dense foods. Other times, you want fresh salads and large, colorful fruit bowls. And that’s okay. (Do I hear a big sigh of relief?!)

Overall, I find myself desiring wholesome, plant-based foods—with a little grass-fed, organic meat thrown in the mix. I try to keep gluten, dairy and sugar to a minimum unless my body is craving them, as they can flare up my Leaky Gut. Yet, a trip to the local cafe for a cow’s milk latte and a slice of cake are regular weekend occurrences for this girl!

I often begin my day with a massive smoothie, but sometimes all I want are fried eggs or pancakes. So, a cooked breakfast it is!

Personally, my body doesn’t like to go more than 3-4 hours without food during the day. I get jittery, light-headed and cranky. Just ask the hubby! I prefer to eat a piece of fruit or some veggies, along with healthy fat or protein as a snack option. This delivers the nutritional punch and keeps me full ’til my next meal.

Today, I want to share my favorite snack choices with you. These healthy foods keep my energy levels up, stabilize my blood sugar and make me feel good! Feeling good. . .isn’t that what it’s all about?


dates and almonds

1. Medjool dates + raw almonds

2. Apple + raw cashews

3. Avocado half + boiled egg

4. Orange slices + dark chocolate (my favorite brand)

5. Sweet potato + cinnamon (drizzle with honey if you wanna go all out!)

6. Chickpeas + cherry tomatoes

7. Strawberries + chocolate protein shake (try this brand)

8. Veggie slices–celery, carrot, red capsicum (pepper) + tahini paste

9. Baked beans (no salt added)

10. My Chocolate Almond Bliss Bites. (recipe here)

11. Flaxseed crackers + fresh salsa

12. Banana + nut butter (try this or this brand)


So, there you have it: my munch-worthy faves. 

Tell me, what is your go-to snack for warding off the afternoon slump? Share in the comments below!

Sarah Kate Anderson

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  1. clarelucy.au@gmail.com'Clare

    Oh yum – dates and almonds! My go-to snack is natural yoghurt with fruit and a big glass of water. I always feel refreshed and ready for the afternoon then.

  2. erin@inourstillness.com'Erin

    Sweet potato + cinnamon and banana + nut butter are some of my favourite snacks. I also love sweet potato or capsicum with peanut butter (actually anything with peanut or nut butter). Cucumber and carrots with hummus or guacamole is another one of my go-to snacks.

    1. Sarah Kate Anderson Post author

      You are speaking my language, Erin! I am a nut butter addict. One of my favorite ways to eat it is by the spoonful. 🙂 My husband had never had a PB&J before we married and I couldn’t believe it!


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