May 22, 2014

go with the flow

Imagine you’re floating on your back down a river. Your body—buoyant, relaxed, calm—moves with the current as it carries you. Surrendering to the river’s current, you let the water move and mold you with every turn, dip or surge. The course is easy and enjoyable as you go with the flow.

Now imagine the current picks up. Swirling. Foaming. It gushes over rocks, your body tousled and twisted. You begin to panic. Your heart races and you become stiff. You search for something safe to cling to and spot a tree branch near the water’s edge. Your panic leads to distress as you struggle against the current towards your safety net. But, the current is too strong and pulls you under. There’s only two options: keep on fighting or surrender to the flow.

You can keep fighting with little hope that your strength will outdo nature’s force. Or you can go with the flow, trusting that this too shall pass. That the current will calm and you’ll return to your relaxed, fluid state. That, once again, you’ll be carefully guided by the momentum of something greater than yourself.

In essence, our lives are the river. In one way or another, we are moving along a river that is largely unpredictable and unplannable. Parts will be calm and easy while others will be rocky and wavy. No doubt, the entire journey is an adventure.

Your life is an adventure that has been carefully designed for you. 

Although we have little control over the course of the river, we have total control over how we experience the journey.

You can choose to:

  • plan and predict the future route while never fully being present in the moment
  • fight against the current in an effort to forge your own determined path
  • panic and worry the whole way down, missing the beautiful view and experience
  • float down the river with trusting ease

Eh, I think I’ll take that last option.

But it’s not that simple, is it?

I still find myself fighting against my life’s current at times. When I thrash around and struggle to make things go my way, I miss out on the beautiful scenery passing by right now. I am no longer in present-moment living but rather future-moment living. And this is not a place to stay for an extended period of time.

Future-moment living steals joy from today. 

Return to the present moment in full consciousness. View this moment with fresh eyes. Embrace today in all its newness. Discover the surprises around each bend. Expect miracles.

Of course, there will be times to swim around debris, and there will be times when you do go under. But, you will surface naturally. And you will be okay. Don’t fight the current.

Your Creator has thoughtfully designed the flow for you.

Relax and go with the flow.

Question: What’s one action step you will take today towards going with the flow?

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Sarah Kate Anderson



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