September 16, 2014


For the past few months, there has been some exciting stuff going on behind-the-scenes here at Mariposa Moment. Right now, I’m bursting with joy because I am finally able to share these wonderful things with you. Some very special, really fresh updates have taken place on this little corner of the web. Oh, how happy I am to unveil them to you today! Let’s get to it! 


Before I jump in, I want to share my ‘BIG WHY’ with you. But before I can do that, I need to rewind even further to late last year. Last October, I got this amazing, Divine sense that I was meant to create a blog. Not just any ‘ole blog where I recount my day-to-day activities and opinions on life, but an arena where I can share my story and my message with other people.

As melodramatic as it might sound, this blog-vision came to me as if God delivered me a higher purpose. As if He said, “Now I want you to become a vessel to share this message with the world.” I was so overcome with creativity and purpose, that I spent hours upon hours trying to teach myself how to set up a WordPress site, and I’m the first to admit I need some 101 in the tech-department!

I enlisted YouTube, along with my patient husband, to help walk me through the how-to’s on purchasing a domain, finding hosting, setting up my site and navigating a theme. Once I got something decent up, I pushed publish on New Year’s Day, 2014. Yah, Mariposa Moment was born! But, she still needed a little tweaking.


I was so happy to have a platform to share this burgeoning vision with others, but I wasn’t too happy about my site’s feel. It just didn’t sit right with me. I had an image in my head of what I wanted Mariposa Moment to look like and also several words I wanted the site to evoke {joyous, clean, light, inspiring, calming to name a few}. But, it just wasn’t there. . .yet.

It all goes back to YOU, my readers. I hoped to create a place where you feel supported, heard, loved and encouraged. I wanted this online space to evoke those beautiful feelings of joy, light and inspiration within you. I truly desired a design that communicates my message in a beautifully visual way. A clean, minimalistic layout that was easy to navigate and understand. I wanted new visitors to get a sense of what my site is all about as soon as they land on it. No fluffing about. No ambiguity.

So, I kept plugging away at blog posts while I continued to refine my message and vision for this blog. I also aligned myself with some amazingly talented and generous people who helped translate my vision into Mariposa Moment’s new look!

Stephanie Blaszak created my new logo, and it is more than I could have ever dreamt of. She took my somewhat vague concept and gave it wings. I love the fonts and believe the butterfly image is simply enchanting! I’d love to hear what you think about the new logo above. If you are looking for a graphic designer, she’s your gal!

I worked with Blogzilla Studio on a new theme for my site. These girls are super helpful and accommodating. I am so happy with the aesthetics. Eep!

I also had a few trusted friends proof my new ABOUT page. I’d love for you to hop on over and have a look. I’ve poured a whole lotta love and soul into this page. Here’s where you’ll find my message and vision boiled down to its core. (You’ll also learn some fun facts about me!) I hope it resonates with you!

A few other elements to highlight are my updated CONTACT and new WORK WITH ME pages. You’ll find them above in the navigation menu.



I wouldn’t have this Divine purpose if it weren’t for you, my beautiful readers. I’ve said it before, but it’s my biggest dream to create a supportive, lively community of like-minded people who come here to feel heard, find strength, share their own story and meet amazing people.

So, I want to give back. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to share with you and it came in the form of my new eBook. I’ve spent the past several weeks dreaming up this baby and designing her just for you!

Introducing . . .

The Mariposa Companion: Your Monthly Intention and Goal-Setting Powerbook

The Mariposa Companion


Isn’t she pretty? Oh, I am so-so happy to bring her into the world. And the best part for you? She’s FREE!

The Mariposa Companion is a 30-page Powerbook that guides you through crystal clear goal-setting and manageable action steps for each month of the year. It’ll have you underpin those goals with your desired feelings, or as I call them, your intentions. Why set a goal if isn’t rooted in something soulful?

To cap off each monthly brainstorming session, I’ve created a special affirmation. These affirmations were designed to empower and ground you. You’ll also find original quotes sprinkled throughout the book.

Take a sneak peek:

The Mariposa Powerbook

But, don’t just take my word for how lovely and powerful this Powerbook is. Here’s what others have to say about her!

“Sarah Kate has once again gone above and beyond in creating this beautiful masterpiece. A companion which takes you to the heart and soul of your life – to truly finding out what matters and what makes you come alive. In this companion you will begin to unearth your true heart’s desire and allow the power of intentions and courageous action to manifest a life beyond your wildest dreams. Thank you Sarah Kate for birthing this beauty into the world.” –Jenny 


“Through her own journey of manifesting a life she loves, Sarah Kate has created a practical and absolutely visually stunning monthly intention and goal setting companion for the year YOU truly shine. This beautifully crafted Powerbook will fan the flame that is already burning inside to ignite your desire to grab a hold of your life, month by month, to create a little magic. The Mariposa Companion is packed full of heart-felt advice, inspired action and soul-driven affirmations that will have you busting through your limiting beliefs. This is definitely a book you’re going to use over and over again.”—Kirstie


“I had a look at your ebook and I love it! I have printed the September page for myself to achieve my goals!  Yeah for a new month and kicking goals using your lovely Mariposa Companion!” –Claire 


“I love this eBook! I love the energy that comes through your voice. It is very navigable and readable and it makes me one to start one right away! You are a great writer, with a voice that is very encouraging and compassionate.” –Anna

These touching words fill my heart with such joy because I believe you’ll love The Mariposa Companion. All you need to do to access this Free gift is enter your details below. (You can also do this in the sidebar.)

Your gift will go straight to your inbox for you to download. Optimally, this book is designed to print off and scribble through. By signing up and joining the Mariposa Tribe, you’ll also receive periodic love-soaked emails from me!

Join the Mariposa Tribe and receive your FREE copy of The Mariposa Companion!

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Again, I must reiterate that I am so happy that you’re here. I hope you enjoy your gift. It is my way of saying THANK YOU!

// ACTION: I’d love to hear from you. What do you think about the new site design? Are you digging the new logo? And if you download The Mariposa Companion, please share your feedback with me or on social media using the hashtag #dreamsetachieve!

Go forth and fly,

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  1. renee.b.tidwell@gmail.com'Renee

    I LOVE the new website layout. The new logo is eye-catching and beautiful. The layout is clean and easy to follow. I can’t wait to share this with my friends! Thanks for being such an encouragement to so many!

  2. jenny@jennyorenstein.com'Jenny

    You my friend already know what I think, but I just wanted to say how immensely proud I am of you. I absolutely love and adore your new site and logo. Thank you for being you and spreading such light into the world. xo


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