February 3, 2015

choc peppermint bliss balls 1

Let’s address the obvious: I have a sweet tooth!! I’m the one at the party who goes back for that second slice of birthday cake. I luuuuuv spending an afternoon baking in my kitchen and I especially enjoy going out for ice cream with the hubby (I can never pass up the double scoop!). Choc peppermint has always been a favorite flavor combination of mine. Growing up, my parents would take us kids to Baskin Robbins every Wednesday night after church. You know my staple order? Mint choc-chip. My taste buds still haven’t changed!

So, when the raw dessert craze hit a few years ago, I was all this is AWESOME!! I mean, I can satisfy my sweet tooth and feel good about what I’m putting into my body. For me, balance is the key and these little treats are such a convenient, tasty mid-morning snack or that something sweet I crave after a meal.

The thing that makes these so decadent is the combination of chocolate and peppermint, sprinkled with a little coconut to top it off! In this recipe, I used pure Peppermint essential oil, so not only do these taste delish, but you’re getting some amazing benefits from eating them!

Peppermint essential oil has an array of health benefits. Primary uses of peppermint essential oil include alertness, cooling, energizing, easing headaches, indigestion, muscle fatigue and nausea. It can be used aromatically, topically and, in this case, internally.


makes approximately 30 


– 2 cups medjool dates (pitted and chopped)

– 1 cup almonds

– 1/4 cup cacao powder

-2 tablespoons melted coconut oil (I used organic refined)

– 4 drops Peppermint essential oil*


-combine chopped dates and almonds in a food processor

-process for 2-3 minutes, until slightly formed

-add cacao, coconut oil and peppermint essential oil

-process until it forms a dough-like ball, approximately 3-4 minutes

-remove dough and place on wax paper

-roll into bite-size balls and coat with desiccated coconut (I fill a small bowl with the coconut and roll the bliss ball around until completely coated!)

-place on a baking tray lined in wax paper & put in fridge to set

-remove and enjoy! (keep covered in fridge for best results)

choc peppermint bliss balls

// YOUR TURN: I’d love to hear if you make these yourself! Leave a comment below and let me know how they turned out or post a photo on Instagram and tag me @Mariposa_Moment


Enjoy in good health,

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* Please note that not all essential oils are created equally. The brand I use and trust is 100% Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade. Due to the purity and rigorous third-party testing, the oils are safe to ingest as specified on the bottle ‘for dietary use’. I personally recommend taking precautions if you are in your first trimester of pregnancy or suffer from a specific medical condition before ingesting essential oils. It is important to do your own research and make empowered decisions based on what feels right for you and your body.

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  3. desire2transform@hotmail.com'Fiona

    Hi, I am looking at making these, but have bought Leckers peppermint oil (I’m in Australia), not doterra. Can you tell me how many MLS of peppermint oil 4 drops equates to? Sorry to be a pain. TIA

    1. Sarah Kate Post author

      I think each drop is roughly 0.006 of a ml, so 4 would be around 0.25ml. Hope that helps. Just make sure your essential oil is pure and ingestible. If you are interested in the brand I use and trust, send me an email and I can help you order them. Enjoy the bliss balls…so yum! 🙂

  4. Adriannack@gmail.com'Adrianna

    Just been introduced to DoTerra oils being new to Perth from South Africa. Loving my new essential oils and this fabulous recipe. Made them today and even the kids enjoyed them. Thank you


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