April 24, 2014

authenticityRecently, I had the most amazing conversation with two new friends. I’m talking about one of those soul-bearing, heart-sharing, invigorating conversations that leaves you buzzing for the rest of the day. We exchanged stories and struggles and ah-ha moments over a delicious organic feast and beautiful, bold coffee. I’ve only known these women for 6 short weeks, but it felt like we were life-long friends!

Isn’t that the best feeling? Being in the company of people you can open up to without reservation, without hesitation, and with pure trust and eagerness.

There was one word that overarched the entire afternoon. A word that makes my insides tingle and heart flutter at its mention. A word that I strive to embody every. single. moment.


Stepping out from behind the mask, peeling away the layers, tearing down the protective walls and shedding the shell of self-doubt are all at the heart of authentic living.

Is it scary? A big, resounding YES!

It’s freakin’ terrifying to let others see the real you because, hey, it’s sometimes daunting for YOU to take a look at the real you. We don’t always like what we see. We judge. We scrutinize. We develop insecurity upon insecurity. Then we carefully craft a beautiful mask to hide behind so that others see us the way we want to be perceived.

We say what we think people want to hear. We act how we think people want us to act. We make our decisions based on what we think other people want us to do.

We deny our truth in the process.

But, this isn’t the way we were designed to live!

There is so much more meaning and beauty to discover. There’s a delight and a freedom to tap in to. There’s authenticity to embrace.


  1. We are created from authenticity: The Creator of the Universe–a pure and trustworthy being–created us out of loving magnificence. God made us in his image, in his likeness. From authenticity we were formed; therefore, authenticity dwells within our soul.
  2. We are designed for authenticity: Humans are wired for connection. God designed us to be in relationship. The greatest commands are to love God and love your neighbor. Building authentic, true relationships is at the heart of life.
  3. We are strengthened by authenticity: Case in point: my soul-filled lunch date. I left this encounter with a spring in my step and a renewed vigor in my dreams. Authentic people bring out the best in us. They lift our spirits and strengthen our purpose. Authenticity paves the way for lasting relationships, the ones that guide and support us on this life journey.

It’s the moments of deep connections that truly matter. 

We are created to thrive in relationship. Genuine relationship with our Higher Power, with others and with ourselves.

Embrace the real you. Shine it out to the world. You’ll attract that same authentic energy.

//Question: What do you need to let go of in order to step into authentic living?

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A heartfelt thank you to Fay from Thousand By Ten Days and Kat from Seren Holistic Lifestyles for inspiring this post.


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