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Welcome to Mariposa Moment! I’m Sarah Kate.

I’m here to help you fall in love with your life. . .and yourself!

Here you are, full of potential and promise. You’re itching to burst forth and shine your bright light to the world. But something is in the way.

I know because I’ve been there, too.

But, before we get too far into my mission, let me properly introduce myself.

I’m Sarah Kate. Writer. Speaker. Teacher. Mentor. I am passionate about helping women break free from struggles in order to discover a life of joy and purpose.

Because, darling, those big, bold, beautiful dreams of yours?

They can become your enchanted reality!

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I believe that we are all created with divine intention and great love.

The same Creator that crafted those breath-taking sunrises and glorious sunsets created you.

I believe that within each and every one of us dwells a bountiful reservoir of love, peace and joy.

It’s there ready to be tapped into. Ready to shine in all its brilliance!

I also believe that pain, struggle and fear keep us trapped from experiencing the radiance that resides inside of us.

I know for sure that this radiance is readily available to everyone. If only we knew how to access it.


The truth is: you are infinitely valuable.


You just have to believe it. And once you do, your power becomes limitless. Your happiness becomes contagious. Your life becomes magical!



Mariposa means butterfly: a creature that symbolizes hope, rebirth and transformation. Butterflies go through change and struggle to be transformed into new creations that have unlimited potential to fly to great heights.

Mariposa Moment refers to those moments when you bravely face your fears, conquer your self-doubt and let your true self emerge.

You may have several small victories each day. You may have one major life-changing shift towards freedom. No matter how frequent or few, these precious moments bring you closer to the life you were created to live.

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My life journey has been one of twists and turns, rocky hills and slippery slopes.

Anxiety. Self-doubt. Perfectionism. Anorexia. Bad Body Image. Fear. Yes, I am all too familiar.

When I was 17, I developed an eating disorder. It was a cunning, relentless disease. I spent three months of my senior year of high school in a treatment center where I learned the tools to manage the destructive thoughts and behaviors that kept me sick. But looking back, my eating disorder tormented me for nearly a decade of my life.

Throughout my late teens and early twenties, I was never fully free from the damaging thought patterns and limiting self-beliefs that kept me trapped in a shell. I struggled with negative body image and restrictive food behaviors. My all-or-nothing thinking left me anxiety-ridden, and my preoccupation with food and my body overshadowed everything else going on in my world. I was stuck. And miserable.

Something had to change, that was for sure. In my most desperate moment, I prayed for the Almighty to take away the pain and struggle for good. In that moment of courageous surrender, I began to heal.

Through this healing, I discovered hidden dreams and the buried purpose for my life. By learning to love myself, I tapped into the infinite love I have to share with the world.

Other struggles have come my way—self-doubt, comparison, immense grief, miscarriage; I don’t pretend to ‘have it all together.’ Yet, these life circumstances don’t define me, nor do they hold the power to crush me like they once did.

Why not?

// Because I have discovered that bountiful reservoir of joy that resides within me.

// Because I recognize my immense value.

// Because I am more powerful than my pain.

And you know what? You are too.

Through all of this, I am here to share my story.

I’m not afraid to talk about my struggles because I believe they have become my biggest strength.

{Read more on my gratitude for an eating disorder here.}

My big, bold, beautiful dream is to start a movement. I want to help women break free from struggle and cultivate the compassion to accept and love themselves. Fully. Without conditions. How amazing would it be if every woman realized her innate worth and value? We’d be unstoppable!

I want to inspire a movement of powerful, courageous, heartfelt women who are living out their purpose.

My hope for you is that you discover your life of freedom and start creating magic of your own!


+ I grew up in Nashville, Tennessee and went to the same school for 16 years. Yep, that’s first grade through graduating University!


+ I moved to Perth, Australia when I was 22. I thought it’d be a short one-year stay, but somehow it’s turned into more like 7. Blame my husband!


+ I met (and secretly fell in love with) my Aussie husband while snorkeling and frolicking on the gorgeous beaches of Western Australia. He had my heart from the word go.


+ When I was nine, I either wanted to be a country music singer or a teacher. My voice never ended up sounding like Beyonce’s so, yep, I’m a teacher.


+ My spirituality is the cornerstone of my life. It’s what defines who I am and how I live my life.


+ I’m a bit obsessed with nut butter. I go through a jar in 3 days. No joke.


+ If you’re curious, here’s my first ever blog post. It’s all about what spurred me to start Mariposa Moment.

If you are ready to ignite that fire-in-your-belly and discover your passion and purpose, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are seeking clarity and direction or encouragement and hope, I’m here to inspire you in your quest for authentic, joyful living. I’m so glad you’re here!

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Let’s go forth and fly!

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Sarah Kate Anderson is a writer, speaker, teacher and mentor. She’s a big dreamer, bold believer, truth-seeker and lover of adventure, nature and deep-bellied laughter. She helps individuals overcome their struggles in order to discover a life of joy and purpose.

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and is a qualified teacher. She’s mentored young women, at-risk youth, and
adolescents all over the globe, including America, Australia, Ireland, Mexico and Jamaica. She has a heart for helping people and sharing her story in hopes of changing lives.

Sarah Kate is on a soul-filled mission to help women realize their innate value and start living the life of their dreams. She guides women towards health, happiness and their full potential.

You can find Sarah Kate on Facebook + Twitter + Instagram + Pinterest.



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